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Christopher G Carmona CPA, APC

Christopher G. Carmona CPA, CFE

Professional Career

Christopher Carmona has been practicing Public Accounting in Los Angeles County since 2005. His career started in Pasadena at Martin Werbelow LLC, where he focused on Audit and Review services in the non-profit industry. His high profile clients included the Pasadena Rose Bowl, BCS bowl, and the Los Angeles Police Historical Society.

Christopher transitioned his career from Auditor to Forensic Accounting in 2012 for the prestigious firm Laffer & Gottlieb in Beverly Hills. The firm’s focus was on financial and accounting services with an emphasis on civil litigation, white collar criminal defense, and tax controversy. His career as a forensic accountant provided a wide exposure to the practical side of tax planning and tax avoidance.

​From 2013 – 2018, Mr. Carmona was a board member of the non-profit organization Community First Initiatives, where he served as Treasurer.

Christopher graduated UC Berkeley Haas School of Business in 1995 and earned his Award in Accounting from UCLA in 2005. After becoming a licensed CPA, Christopher further continued his knowledge by becoming a CPA. He was awarded this designation by the ACFE in 2013. Christopher also continues his forensic training by maintaining active membership in the ACFE’s Inland Empire chapter.

Additionally, Mr. Carmona has been a member of the California Society of CPAs . He further commits himself to the professional community by being an active member of the City Club Los Angeles.



Professional Career

Miss Patel is a certified chartered accountant with the ACCA. She has a rich experience in accounting and has demonstrated a history of working with varied accounting firms. She has worked with Indian accounting firms, UK accounting firms, as well as firms in the United States of America. This exposure has given her a broader perspective to serving the accounting industry across multiple platforms and eventually led to her collaboration as an accounting analyst for Christopher G Carmona, CPAAPC. Accounting is her subject of interest and expertise.

In September 2016, she became an ACCA affiliate with a 46th world ranking and a ranking of 3rd in India. She has continued serving the professional community by being an active member of the professional body. Hardi began her career working with a professional institute as a trainer, guiding colleagues and students in the field of taxation. This was an area of great interest in which she was constantly learning and developing to make sure that she was up to date on the most recent tax matters. This position served her well as she made the transition into professional accounting.

Hardi has served as a senior in multinational accounting firms. She has also served as departmental head for a UK accounting firm which presented its own set of challenging management responsibilities. This enabled her to experience dealing with client communication and client relationships. These leadership qualities allow her to manage multiple engagements or a big team. Having good control and coordination between team members and looking after their training and work review is one of her best traits as a manager. She is a strong leader who likes to encourage and motivate the team to achieve the best results together.

She always has a "Let's do it" attitude when it comes to dealing with problems, with a key focus on solutions and options rather than excuses. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and friends, she enjoys traveling and is also a good artist.



Professional Career

Ravi Thakkar was awarded a Certified Degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India “ICAI” as an accountant in 2013. He has comprehensive experience of more than 11 years in the field of accounting and more than 8 years of experience in the field of US taxation and accounting.

Ravi’s career started as an intern in a national chartered accountancy firm. After that he progressed towards a multi-national corporate company as an accounts officer where he was ultimately promoted to the position of manager. This position involved a team of more than 40 members. Ravi has gained accounting & taxation exposure across various industries. Examples include; real estate management, construction, event management, athlete management, dentistry, retail, and fuel service stations. This broad in-depth exposure eventually led to his engagement as a professional tax preparer for Christopher G Carmona CPA, APC. Ravi’s expertise is corporate accounting, payroll, and individual and corporate taxation. Ravi’s experience in the field of taxation encompasses entity and individual income taxes including international and consolidated entities. Other tax work includes payroll processing and accounting, as well as preparing and filing various other informational returns and sales tax returns. He also prepares training materials and conducts accounting, payroll, and sales tax training seminars.

As a manager he has dealt with a multitude of leadership responsibilities not limited to; team development, client management, strategic decision making, client escalation & conflict resolution, and team training & review work. This has helped him to solidify leadership and team motivation skills. The team members typically advance from technical personnel to competent professionals under his guidance.

Ravi is enthusiastic about his work and he likes to think outside the box. He works hard to develop new ways of streamlining operations and accomplishing goals. In his leisure time he enjoys playing sports such as cricket, table tennis, and volleyball. Also, he is fond of watching movies, web-series, and travelling with friends & family.

Tia Willow Paris

Tia Willow Paris

Professional Career

Paris’ work experience spans a variety of industries from site surveying and signage to project management and sales. She has also worked as a processor and warranty claims manager in the auto and RV industries.

As her experience grew, she branched out to executive assistant positions for financial and legal firms. It is in this capacity that she came to work for Christopher G Carmona, CPA APC. In addition, Paris is a small business owner specializing in handcrafting and manufacturing organic products for the betterment of human healthcare.

Growing up as a child she accompanied her mother to work; painting houses, waxing floors, and caring for elderly and disabled people. Having a wide range of experience from repairs to document processing, her skills enable her to move through a variety of problems with minimal supervision. Her motto is “every problem has a solution!”

Paris spends her free time with animal rescue efforts. She is a homeschooling parent who enjoys sunny days at the beach with her son.